Make Safe – Emergency Response to Property Damage

Sometimes bad things happen unexpectedly.  When they do, speedy response times can make a world of difference to the end result.

When it comes to buildings – (residential and commercial buildings) these bad things can take the form of weather events & natural disasters, vandalism, traffic accidents or any type of accident that damages your building and renders it unsafe.

At times, the speed of the ‘make safe’ can dictate whether the damage to your property is stemmed quickly and kept to a minimum and more importantly, a ‘make safe’ can be essential to keeping the people around the area safe.

When it comes to accidentally broken asbestos, it’s imperative to clear out employees or any other people on site, and get the area sealed up as quickly as possible.  This isn’t the type of situation where you should head on down to the hardware, grab a few tarps, some duct tape and have a crack yourself. In fact, if the damaged property is a commercial premises, this would not only be dangerous but completely illegal.

Licensed asbestos removalists should be called in to contain the area and seal off exposure to broken asbestos until such times as the hazardous material can be removed, and the area remediated.  Usually, the regulator must be notified 5 days prior to the commencement of removal work, but in instances such as fire, flood or earthquake, where your building becomes suddenly damaged, and where asbestos has been exposed, we can take measures to secure your workplace and expedite the approvals process.

Luckily, we have built up great relationships with sub contractors, so rather than calling in a team for asbestos make safes and another to rectify structural issues, we can usually complete the broader ‘make safe’, saving you the stress of dealing with multiple contractors.

HTS Group can work with builders, insurance companies, and directly with businesses and homeowners to quickly ensure the safety of your immediate environment.

Contact HTS Group on 1300 600 144 or if you're in need of an urgent Make Safe, or other complex site maintenance solutions.


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