Broken piers and rubble
Workers laying black plastic ready for restoration work
antique plaque out the front of Morpeth Police Station

Property Restoration Team

Our comprehensive team is focused on repairs restorations and detailed overhauls of government, community, and heritage buildings all over NSW.

Our teams specialising in demolition, hazardous materials management, civil construction and building works bring together all the skills required to breathe new life into ageing or damaged buildings.

Our teams have been working relentlessly to refurbish rural police station and teacher's residences in Northern NSW after the 2022 flooding. 

Often our restoration projects centre around renovating heritage buildings, providing modern facilities that are up to code, providing a good workflow, at the same time as preserving the historical details that make them unique.

While every comprehensive property restoration is different, these are some of the elements we are regularly providing from our own in-house teams: 

Structural building work
Kitchen replacements
Bathroom rebuilds

Project Management

Aside from the services offered by our own teams, we can Project Manage your entire refurb, outsourcing of any additional jobs required to complete your project. 

We understand that remote and rural communities don't always have access to specialist trades and safe hazardous materials management professionals. Our Comprehensive Property Restoration team aims to bring these services to you, enabling regional communities to enjoy safe and comfortable facilities.

We'll do our best to keep your money in the local economy, utilising local suppliers and trades where appropriate and drawing on our state-wide network of quality reliable trades and custom material manufacturers where needed.

Not all of our restoration projects are heritage buildings; at times we're restoring flood and fire effect buildings, or simply upgrading existing structures. These are only a couple of our favourite projects!

The front of freshly restored Morpeth Police Station building

Morpeth Police Station

This historic building needed structural repairs, lead remediation, mould remediation, internal and external render and plaster repairs, maintenance, landscaping, and drainage and ventilation solutions.

To keep the Heritage feel intact, we used colonial architraves, wide facias, Sydney cove cornice, and had custom plaster made to repair the archways.

When it came to the outdoors, the shaded area alongside the building was cleaned up and turned into a low maintenance garden, the fence was wire brushed, welded and restored to its former glory.

The issues that had caused the mould and mildew problems were rectified through installation of exhaust fans, ventilation and improved drainage outside.

A black and white image of the Kangaroo Valley Courthouse in its early years

Kangaroo Valley Police Station

Years of water inundation created real issues for the footings and foundations of this beautiful old building.

Sub floor repairs were undertaken, followed by refurbishing of internal walls, replacement of kitchen and bathroom in the residence and the kitchenette in the station.

Comprehensive work was undertaken in the station itself, transforming the flow and creating safer, more private work areas for the officers.

Outside, cement pathways with inbuilt guttering and sub surface drainage have now been installed to safeguard against further damage.

We have the experience, expertise, problem solving skills and the multi-skilled teams to deliver safe, professional, and timely projects around Newcastle, throughout regional NSW, and right across the country.

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