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Specialised residential and site services delivered by North Coast locals to Taree, Port Macquarie, Bulahdelah, Gloucester, Kempsey, Bellingen and Grafton.

Our Northern Division team can help to make your home, workplace or community building safe from asbestos, mould, lead, and other hazardous substances. If you’re located in or around Taree, Port Macquarie, Bulahdelah, Gloucester, Kempsey, Bellingen or Grafton, we’re here to help.  If you’re planning a building upgrade, our experienced team can help you to do it safely and minimise the risk.

Our northern division has been trusted by many North Coast homeowners, schools and government departments to safely remove asbestos from buildings and conduct partial demolitions to make room for facility growth. 

Asbestos isn’t just a city problem; many of our agricultural and industrial buildings, including their underground infrastructures, were constructed with asbestos.

Asbestos doesn’t break down, so even if you bury it in a hole on the farm, the next generation which accidentally uncovers it, will be at risk of lethal asbestos related diseases.

Sometimes, there’s a temptation to keep the presence of asbestos quiet and to attempt to remove it DIY. We highly recommend against this, as illegal and undocumented asbestos dumping has the potential to endanger lives both now, and in the future, as well as causing potential pollution to our waterways.

Some of the most common offenders we offer asbestos removal for in Northern NSW

Asbestos containing window putty

Asbestos meter boards

Vinil flooring with asbestos

Asbestos lining to wet areas

Verandah and eave linings

Asbestos fences

Asbestos fake brick cladding

Asbestos clad sheds and outbuildings

Asbestos dust in roof cavities

Asbestos legacy under buildings

Broken asbestos in farm buildings

Asbestos coated agricultural pipes

Asbestos cement mains pipes

Super six rooves

Asbestos industrial & manufacturing buildings

Asbestos lining in commercial and office buildings

Safe asbestos removal and remediation

Proper asbestos disposal is about keeping you, our communities, and future generations safe!

When we remove asbestos, we go to great pains to ensure we’re not leaving fragments on the ground, or escaping into the air around the job site. When it comes to disposing of the asbestos, all our loads are tracked by the EPA’s waste locate system, and tips that accept asbestos are forced to keep thorough records of the areas where asbestos is located, so that in years to come, future generations will know that those areas are always out of bounds to unearthing and development.

HTS Northern division are trusted by local councils, the Department of Education, and many businesses to properly take care of asbestos threats and safely remove and remediate asbestos from buildings and infrastructures. 

We can guide you through the whole process from asbestos management to removal and remediation whether you’ve demolishing a high rise, taking down a garden shed, or renovating your bathroom.

Trust our team of dedicated, licensed asbestos removal professionals with your north coast asbestos removal and disposal needs.

Higher risk asbestos removal

Unfortunately, asbestos becomes an even bigger threat after floods and fires when it is likely to become damaged and the fibres can consequently become airborne. 

We can mobilise our agile teams quickly, bringing you safe, site clean-up, demolition, and restoration services that you don’t need to micromanage.

We are happy to work with insurance companies and government departments to deliver these remedial projects.

Asbestos Dumping

Australia was one of the leading users of asbestos products back in the 60s and now we’re paying for it with our health and our back pockets. 

There is an estimated 6000 tonnes of asbestos illegally dumped in Australia every year, putting communities at risk and costing taxpayers around $11.2 million per annum to clean up.

The fines for dumping, repurposing, or incorrectly disposing of asbestos continue to rise. Currently you could face up to $15,000 for disposing of asbestos containing materials in a kerbside bin. It’s not worth the risk to your health, the heath of drivers and tip workers, and the health of anyone walking past your bin.

We can also help you with rubbish removal, cleaning up after fire, storms and floods, mould removal and lead removal and remediation.

If you have a tough job involving asbestos removal or other dangerous materials, the chances are that we can help! Our priority is keeping the community safe from hazardous environments.

Some of our Recent Projects

Lead Remediation at Wingham Brush Primary School

HTS Northern Division recently remediated the courts and playground at Wingham Brush Primary school, where deteriorating lead paint from a nearby site had made its way to rest. Remediation involved removal of the courts surface and thorough cleaning of the surrounding grounds to ensure no lead was left with the potential to cause sickness for the children or teachers.

Asbesots Pipe Removal

HTS Northern Division recently supported MidCoast Council in removing asbestos pipes from under the ground. Pipe removal and disposal was carried out at night to minimise disruption to public spaces.

It is estimated that there are still in excess of 40,000 kilometres of asbestos water piping running underground in Australia.

HTS Group prides itself on keeping communities safe through meticulous asbestos removal practices. Trevor Grieve, Northern Division Manager says "The health of the community and HTS Group workers are our top priority on every asbestos removal or remediation job."

Complete Refurbishment

In addition to asbestos removal, HTS Group's Northern Division provided a turnkey refurbishment for this local school.

Part of the 'Cooler Schools' program, the classroom was completely upgraded to provide a safer, more comfortable learning environment for its students.

Our services included:

Electrical Disconnection

Complete strip out

Asbestos disposal

Relining of the walls and ceiling


Electrical reconnection

Move in

This was all carried out during the holiday period to ensure no disruption to learning.

Asbestos Legacy Remediation

The HTS Northern Division crew was tasked with remediation of this high school quadrangle from asbestos legacy.

The job involved sectioning off of the area, removal of all the contaminated topsoil, repair to underground pipework and eventually replacing fresh topsoil and regrowing grass over the top to create a safe and usable area for the students.

To achieve the task, large cement piers from a previously demolished building needed to be extracted and the trees had to be removed.

All removed soil was securely contained in plastic to prevent agains contaminating areas en route. The EPA Waste Locate system is always used to track any contaminated loads and ensure safe disposal.

Situated in Taree we service Bulahdelah, Gloucester, Port Macquarie, Kempsey, Taree, Bellingen and Grafton.

To find out more about the risks of asbestos, head to our asbestos questions or to find out about your asbestos responsibilities as a business, or commercial property owners, go here.

We have partial and full demolition services available for residential and industrial clients. To find out more about the processes involved in a typical demolition, please visit our demolition page.

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