Doing away with Lead,

The Silent Killer

We can help you achieve your renovation and restoration goals while keeping you and your family safe and healthy!

Excessive exposure to lead can cause serious health issues; even fatalities in high enough doses.

Lead in the home is usually found in old lead-based paint, fixtures and fittings, and protective coatings. The dust in old houses can be potentially toxic, especially to children.

Lead absorbs through the skin, makes its way into your blood stream and can then be delivered to and stored in your soft tissue, organs, particularly kidney and liver, and even build up in your bones and teeth. Young children, pregnant women and those with deficiencies are the most susceptible from lead and tend to absorb it at a much higher rate.

The dangers associated with lead poisoning can range from nausea and stomach pains, shortness of breath to headaches, developmental problems, convulsions, brain issues, blood poisoning, organ damage and even death.

Scaffolding surrounding the a heritage sandstone block building

Renovations and Restorations

When doing renovations and restorations its important to ensuring you’re not touching the lead or breathing it in.

Dirt may even need to be removed if it’s been contaminated by lead paint.  

We can test for lead in your paint sample, remove it from your property and remediate any contaminated areas. Our cold jet dry ice blasting process can take care of tedious lead paint removal more efficiently and safely than traditional methods and without the risk of turning the lead to dust.

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