HTS Group Construction Services Solution:

We deliver reliable and responsive project management services with trained and qualified technicians, that will deliver on time, and on budget. HTS Group also can supply specialised technical equipment needed to support a wide range of industrial, residential or commercial projects.

Construction Services:

We provide large and small-scale construction services:

  • Road and carpark construction
  • General concrete construction
  • Demountable building complexes
  • Fencing construction

Roadside Construction, Repairs & Installation:

We offer repairs and installation for any roadside civil works project:

  • Asphalt surfacing and repairs
  • Drainage and culvert installation
  • Kerb and guttering
  • Footpaths and driveways

Specialised Equipment:

We can organise specialised equipment for large or small-scale projects, depending on your needs:

  • Rollers, bobcats, excavators, loaders, tippers
  • Traffic control
  • Line marking
  • Landscaping requirements
  • Car stops
  • Security bollards

HTS are experts in Civil Works, Asbestos Removal, Property Maintenance, and Demolition.

HTS is here to help.

Construction Services

HTS Group have experience working on a range of civil works and construction services, including the provision of project management and required specialist equipment.

From general concrete construction, to draining and culvert installation, to demountable building complexes, HTS Group can provide you with the knowledge, equipment and staff  to complete any civil construction project you desire.

We work with commercial, residential and industrial sites, and our expertise in the field of civil works solutions means we are often the first point of contact for government organisations.

Why Choose HTS for Construction Services?

All Property Types

Civil and Construction Services for Industrial, Residential, Commercial, and Government sites

Certified & Insured

Certified WHS Management System Insured up to $20 million

Safety First

Licensed, qualified professionals

Recycling & Disposal

HTS recycle and dispose waste according to legislative and EPA requirements.

Civil and Construction Professionals

At HTS Group, we proactively train and upskill our staff to provide the most efficient civil works or construction solution for any site. If you’re looking for a trusted partner to work on road and carpark construction, kerb and guttering or any general concrete construction work, HTS Group have the staff and equipment to find what works best for you.

HTS Group projects are conducted in accordance with Work Cover Codes of Practice and Workplace Health and Safety Standards, and we are committed to producing a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for every project we undertake.

HTS Group has a strong focus on meeting national certification standards in health and safety, and have been recognised in the certification our HTS Workplace Health & Safety Management System (AS/NZS 4801:2011). This commitment to Safety & Quality Assurance, and our work with nationally accredited institutions and certifications, means we are trusted by large commercial clients and government organisations.

Windows Cut Tuggerah Super centre Childcare civil works site maintenance

Windows Cut from Cement Wall: Tuggerah Super centre

During recent upgrades to the Tuggerah Super Centre, HTS Group were tasked with making changes to exterior walls as a new daycare centre was moving into the building, Windows cut from the Cement Wall. No easy task considering the location of the requested holes that...
Asphalt Job 12

Asphalt Driveway Job

Recently completed by HTS Group, an Asphalt Driveway for a property. HTS are regularly contracted to complete civil works such as road repairs and drainage solutions. Our Civil and Construction Supervisor, John Oldfield, managed this project. The job involved pulling...

Working in confined spaces

Wyoming, NSW A difficult job in Wyoming, a suburb on the Central Coast in NSW, where we were required to clear soil from the side of a property. Fortunately, HTS have the equipment required to clear the land safely. Using a...

The Benefits of Choosing HTS Group:

Problem Solvers

80 years experience finding solutions for properties of all sizes

Licensed & Insured

Licensed & Qualified Technicians, Insured up to $20million


Working to National Standards and with Accredited Institutions

SWMS, WHS and PEMP Explained

The HTS Asbestos Solution:

HTS Group operates across Australia, working on a range of asbestos removal projects, from large commercial properties in busy city centres, to residential estates in remote and regional towns. Our extensive experience in providing high skilled technicians ensure we provide effective and professional solutions to asbestos problems across any and all projects.


  • Incorporates all required elements of the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2017
  • Used to Identify hazards and develop controls
  • Manage risks associated with all work HTS group undertake


  • Asbestos Removal Control Plans (ARCP) are developed for all licenced asbestos removal works
  • Incorporates all required elements of the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2017
  • Approved by SafeWork NSW


  • Project Environmental Management Plan (PEMP) used to identify, control and manage environmental risks
  • Used for all large projects or where any environmental risks are present on the work site
  • Manage risks associated with all work HTS group undertake

HTS Group Environmental Commitment

To solidify our commitment to our Environmental Responsibility, the HTS Group utilise a Project Environmental Management Plan (PEMP) for each large construction and civil works project. This involves mapping out all activities to identify the environmental aspects, determine the potential impacts and define appropriate controls. This can be particularly useful when looking for property maintenance on a heritage listed site, or a property near a protected environmental area.

Since 2005, HTS Group has consistently worked to standards that are nationally recognised and we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor the HTS property maintenance service to any project.