Civil Works

As civil construction contractors, we can do a lot more than cut and fill for a slab pour.

We can help to shape new and existing environments to the specifications of your engineering and environmental team.  

We can also construct and support the install of the underground infrastructure such as power, water, drainage, and communications that your new venture will rely on.

Our Civil Construction Services

Whether you're preparing for a brand new project or upgrading an existing site, we can provide the civil excavation and construction services.

Cut and Fill

Drainage and culvert installation
Road and carpark construction
Asphalt surfacing and repairs
Footpath and driveway construction
Slab preparation and pours
Hardstand area construction for:
Commercial sheds,
Fixed plant, 
Aircon units, water tanks

Equipped to service your civil and excavation needs

Our Civil team can also clean up and remove debris from your site to ensure its thoroughly prepared for the next stage of your project’s development:

We’re equipped with:


Various sized excavators

Flatbeds and Trucks




Street Sweeper

Water truck

Mobile Decontamination Booths

We have the experience, expertise, problem solving skills and the multi-skilled teams to deliver safe, professional, and timely projects around Newcastle, throughout regional NSW, and right across the country.

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