Peel back the damage without destroying your gem!

Not all demolition is about knocking your whole house down.

In plenty of cases, you may want an addition or lean to section of house safely removed. We can also dismantle and dispose of sheds, garages and or carports without damaging the rest of your property or structures they’re attached to. 

Partial demolition is a strength of ours, as our demolition estimator spent 25 years as a builder prior to working in demolition. We understand structural integrity and won’t turn up with a wrecking ball and a stick of dynamite. 

We’ll look after your home with care, carefully removing the parts that you want gone.

Mechanical breaking of concrete in a demolition

Concrete paths, old driveways and any old foundations can also be removed and levelled. 

We’ll make sure you’re left with a nice level surface and a great foundation to continue your plans. 

If you need changes made to your underground infrastructure once the structure is removed, our civil team is well equipped to make changes to your drainage, create new footings, pads and foundations and dig new sewerage trenches and assist plumbing and electrical teams with appropriate earthworks.

Our narrow access equipment is perfect for getting into tight spaces for suburban and residential work.

We have the experience, expertise, problem solving skills and the multi-skilled teams to deliver safe, professional, and timely projects around Newcastle, throughout regional NSW, and right across the country.

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