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Asbestos removal and remediation, demolition, partial demolition, and restoration of your home.

If you’re planning on renovating your house and doing upgrades around your property, it’s incredibly important for your whole family’s safety that you know what you’re working with.

If your project involves a commercial space, head to our commercial asbestos page for applicable information.

Depending on when your home, was built, or even renovated last, there could be different hazardous materials lurking in plain site or concealed beneath just a thin layer of paint…or even in the paint itself

It’s not just the walls and roof of your home that may pose a health risk, it can be your fence, sheds, garden huts, gazebos, outhouses, chook sheds, electrical box, lino flooring, window putty and a whole lot of other places too.

Asbestos and lead are two of the worst culprits when it comes to creating dangers for the residential DIYer. Both can go easily undetected by the untrained eye, and both can cause long term health issues resulting in death.  

HTS Group not only remove hazardous materials from your home, we also dispose of them safely and can provide clearance certificates, air monitoring and third party checks to ensure your project or home is safe for you and your family to return to.  

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