The HTS Group Demolition Solution:

HTS Group are the professional choice for demolition projects across NSW. We provide highly skilled people as well as the technical equipment needed to ensure we find the right solution for you:

HTS Group Certifications & Standards: 

  • Safe Work NSW UNRESTRICTED Demolition License
  • Certified Workplace Health & Safety Management System (AS/NZS 4801:2011)
  • Proactive Industry Training & Upskilling for Demolition Supervisors

HTS Group Industrial and Commercial Demolition Services:

  • Technical Demolition Services:
    • Transmission and communication towers
    • Infrastructure within Mining, Chemical Industry and Electricity Generation
  • Provision of Safety Paperwork:
    • Safe Work Method Statement
    • Hazard Assessment
    • Demolition Plans
    • Lifting Studies
  • Recycling of Demolition Waste where possible

HTS Group Residential Demolition Services:

  • Complete House and Site Demolition
  • Partial Demolition for Home Renovations
  • Demolition of Garages Sheds, or other Small Structures
  • Demolition of Driveways, or other Concrete Pathways.
  • Recycling of Demolition Waste where possible

HTS are experts in Civil Works, Asbestos Removal, Property Maintenance, and Demolition.

HTS is here to help.

Demolition services

The HTS Group has 80 years of combined experience working with commercial, industrial and residential properties. Highly skilled in demolition services of all scales, we can provide solutions for large-scale and smaller scale demolition projects, whether it be by hand, machine or a mixture of both.

Technical Demolition is our speciality, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create design-specific engineering solutions for any building or structure. Our licensed technicians are highly skilled and can guide you through the demolition process step by step, so we can deliver the most effective solution for you.

Why Choose HTS for Demolition?

All Property Types

Experts in Industrial, Commercial & Residential Demolition Services


Proactive Industry Training & Upskilling for Demolition Supervisors

Licensed & Insured

Unrestricted Demolition License (NSW) Insured up to $20 million

Recycling & Disposal

HTS recycles and dispose waste according to legislative and EPA requirements.


Certified WHS Management System (AS/NZS 4801:2011)

The Experts in Technical Demolition

HTS Group proactively trains and upskills our staff to provide the most efficient demolition service for any site. Our commitment to meeting national certification standards, and our Certified Workplace Health & Safety Management System (AS/NZS 4801:2011), shows our commitment to a safe workplace culture and environment.

HTS Group have a loyal pool of highly qualified technicians and demolition experts, that we support with the latest in industry training and high-risk licensing courses. The HTS demolition team have worked on many residential and commercial projects, as well as more challenging projects, including mining operations, chemical production and storage facilities and electricity generation plants.

The projects we work on are conducted in accordance with Safe Work NSW Codes of Practice and Workplace Health and Safety Standards, under a NSW Unrestricted Demolition License. HTS is also committed to producing a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for every project, regardless of size and an Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP) for the licensed disposal of waste produced in demolition sites that contain asbestos.

Our commitment to Safety & Quality Assurance, and our work with nationally accredited institutions and certifications, means we are often the first point of contact for government organisations.

Controlled Demolition

HTS are experts in Controlled Demolitions Using decades of experience, HTS use a methodical and planned approach to engineering any demolition. Through careful planning, any structure can be demolished and ensure the safety...

The Benefits of Choosing HTS Group:

Problem Solvers

80 years experience finding solutions for properties of all sizes

Licensed & Insured

Licensed & Qualified Technicians, Insured up to $20million


Working to National Standards and with Accredited Institutions

SWMS, WHS and PEMP Explained

The HTS Asbestos Solution:

HTS Group operates across Australia, working on a range of asbestos removal projects, from large commercial properties in busy city centres, to residential estates in remote and regional towns. Our extensive experience in providing high skilled technicians ensure we provide effective and professional solutions to asbestos problems across any and all projects.


  • Incorporates all required elements of the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2017
  • Used to Identify hazards and develop controls
  • Manage risks associated with all work HTS group undertake


  • Asbestos Removal Control Plans (ARCP) are developed for all licenced asbestos removal works
  • Incorporates all required elements of the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2017
  • Approved by SafeWork NSW


  • Project Environmental Management Plan (PEMP) used to identify, control and manage environmental risks
  • Used for all large projects or where any environmental risks are present on the work site
  • Manage risks associated with all work HTS group undertake

HTS Group Environmental Commitment

To solidify our commitment to our Environmental Responsibility, the HTS Group utilise a Project Environmental Management Plan (PEMP) for each large Asbestos Removal Project. This involves mapping out all activities to identify the environmental aspects, determine the potential impacts and define appropriate controls.

By working with and complying to these nationally recognised and accredited institutions and standards, HTS Group can be confident in our analysis, and in the professional Asbestos Removal solutions we provide. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our service to any project, whether we’re removing asbestos on an industrial, commercial or residential property.