Industrial and Commercial Demolition

Commercial and Industrial Demolition Services. Newcastle, & the Central Coast

We’re equipped to handle partial and complete demolition of infrastructure, buildings, fences, carparks, unused roads, and outbuildings.

We regularly demolish ageing and complex infrastructure for the mining, energy, and chemical industry sectors. Whether you have conveyers, tanks, substations, sludge pits or any other outdated infrastructure, we can dismantle it safely and sensitively, doing our best to recycle materials where safely possible.

We can also demolish condemned, fire and flood damaged buildings, and work to emergency deadlines when buildings have become suddenly unstable or damaged in disasters.

We’re licensed for any size demolition with our unrestricted demolition license.

If you're not sure whether demolition or refurbishment is the right path, read out article 'To Demolish or to Refurbish' to gain insights into the pros and cons of commercial demolitions and refurbishments.

Experience, careful planning, and thorough investigation.

We ensure we can deliver successful technical demolition, ensuring the safety of people and property in the vicinity. This is what our process might involve:

Demolition Site Visit

We’ll come for a site visit to gain an understanding of what you want demolished and removed.

We pay careful attention to the materials and their condition, access to site, and possible exposure to hazards. We’ll ask for a copy of your asbestos register and management plan along with any architectural and engineering plans or drawings available.

HTS Group survey a site to maintain
Broken piers and rubble
asbestos removal notify the regulator

Investigation, Estimation and Planning

Our estimator will do some preliminary investigations into the required machinery and labour to complete your job, then present you with a quote. We’ll also consider a range of variables that could come into play while we are working on your demolition.

On quote acceptance we’ll get stuck into the technical planning like lift studies and safety paperwork. You’ll receive a Demolition Plan, Hazard Assessment, and a Project Plan outlining estimated timeframes for each part of the work. We'll prepare our Demolition SWMS.

Client and worker shaking hands on site

Stakeholder Liaising 

We’ll talk to critical infrastructure providers, like the water board, power company, and apply to council for a DA if required to complete your demolition. If there’s potential for contamination from hazardous waste, we’ll prepare the appropriate documentation to keep track of the contaminants and ensure no pollution results from your demolition and subsequent waste disposal.


If there’s asbestos involved in your demolition, we’ll involve our asbestos removal teams, abiding by all legislation and using best practice to keep you safe.

safe asbestos removal where asbestos remover is spraying area with sealant
clear demolition site Newcastle ready for handover
demolished outbuildings with an excavator at work

Demolition Site Hand Over

We pride ourselves on viewing your project as a whole, regardless of which steps we’re involved in. 

When we hand over, we’ll ensure the canvas that is left for the next contractors is free from hazards, contaminants and ready for the next stage of your overarching project.

If you’re planning to redevelop the site of your demolition, our Civil team is well placed to level, cut, install underground infrastructure and prepare the foundations for your next stage

If your demolition is a partial demolition to make way for extensions or interior refurbishments, our Renovation and Restoration team can likely complete your project. With builders, tilers and painters on the team, we can fit out your new commercial bathrooms, offices and kitchen spaces hassle free.

If your demolition was to reclaim green space or extend the use of your site, we’re happy to assist in its long-term maintenance and upkeep.

Environmental Commitment - Demolition

Wherever possible and safe, we will recycle materials from your demolition. If they contain asbestos, this is not an option. 

Concrete, asphalt and road base will be crushed and recycled in most cases. 

Steel framing and roof sheeting can often be salvaged and sent to the recyclers along with non-ferrous metals like cables, wiring and old pipes.

Where timber has not been compromised by chemical waste and is in good condition it will be offered to salvage and scrap yards.

broken brick and cement recycled from a demolition site

We have the experience, expertise, problem solving skills and the multi-skilled teams to deliver safe, professional, and timely projects around Newcastle, throughout regional NSW, and right across the country.

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